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Who We Are — Your Washington SR22 Experts

If you need an SR22 in Washington state, Mid-Columbia Insurance is here to help. As an independent insurance agency, Mid-Columbia has partnered with a number of insurance companies that offer great rates to drivers who need an SR22 because they have collected multiple tickets, had a few accidents, got pulled over for a DUI, or had their driver’s license suspended. We are your Washington State SR22 Insurance specialists!

No matter your situation, Good, Bad, or Ugly, at Mid-Columbia Insurance: We Work For You!

  • Low Monthly Insurance Payments
  • SR22? – No Problem (filed immediately)
  • DUI/DWI? – No problem
  • Accidents? – No problem
  • Tickets? – No problem
  • Bad Credit? – No Problem!
  • Phone Quotes gladly done
  • Immediate Coverage for you and your car
  • Broad Form SR22 Policies – Insure your License
  • Agents are Bilingual (Spanish & English)

Our History

Mid-Columbia Insurance  is different than most insurance agencies since we primarily focused on helping drivers with who others consider high-risk and are shunned by other agencies. We have over 25 years’ experience offering SR-22 and high-risk Insurance in Washington state residents.

We believe that those with DUIs and other serious traffic offenses need an insurance agency that does not judge but is willing to go the extra mile to help

Our Mission

We are firmly committed to providing the insurance coverage you want at a price you can afford and helping you get back on the road after a DUI.

Reckless Driving and DUI Help

Worried because you have an SR22 or DUI on your record? You’ve come to the right place. We specialize in Washington State auto insurance for high-risk drivers. We provide you protection at the best rates possible, even if you have a DWI, reckless driving or driving while suspended, no insurance, bankruptcy, international driver’s license or multiple accidents on your record.

SR22 Insurance for your protection!

Need an SR22? That’s not a problem here at Mid-Columbia Insurance. Our goal is to find you the lowest cost Washington state DUI insurance. We do the shopping for you to find the best rate and the coverage you want.

It starts with a commitment to customer service. To you, your goals, and your situation. At Mid-Columbia Insurance, we pride ourselves on our independence Insurance Agency status and as an expert in SR22 & DUI Insurance. We represent the top SR22 insurance companies and so we have the flexibility to place your coverage with the one that fits you best. With our experience, We are committed to excellence every day providing the best SR22 insurance rates in Washington.

We work to build strong relationships with our clients based on trust and taking the long-term view. You will not need an SR22 forever. Once your tickets and need for an SR22 are gone, we have options to save you money with other companies. We want you as clients for life and we strive to earn your business every day.

Call us at 509.783.5600 for a quote and let one of our agents help you figure out what you need.

like every other agency in town or on TV, can insure you if you have a perfect “Mary Poppins” driving record. But, unlike other agencies, we won’t slap you around for having had a run-in or two with the law. As a local independent insurance agency, we don’t work for just one insurance company. And since we are not employees of an insurance company, we can provide unbiased, objective advice because no corporate management team is pulling our strings, pressuring us into selling certain products to our clients when others may be more suitable.